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Welcome to the Jin Jung Kwan Martial Arts Academy in Calgary!


The Jin Jung Kwan Martial Arts Academy in Calgary is THE place to learn Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido! The Academy offers a variety of different programs suited for individual needs. Regardless of age, size, strength and physical capabilities, Hapkido is a versatile martial art that anyone can learn so come and check us out! We have the right program for you!

NOW accepting SUMMER 2016 Registration !

 Classes begin on Monday, June 27, 2016!! 


Hapkido Tots (Ages 3-5)

Hapkido Tots Martial Arts Program (Ages 3 to 5 Years) is a safe and fun way to introduce your child to martial arts! The tots program is meant to be an introduction to martial arts with an emphasis on fun while establishing ideas such as discipline, flexibility, self defense, achievement, respect for themselves and for others. We encourage students to have fun, explore their physical limits, without any focus on perfection or form, and give them the opportunity to learn in a fun and safe environment.Read More

Hapkido Quest Kids

The Hapkido Quest and Family Quest program are designed to teach Hapkido in an introductory curriculum, progressive for each individual. Family Quest is a great opportunity for families to participate together, learn martial arts, and have fun together in a positive environment while learning practical self defense techniques and getting some great exercise!Read More

Youth/Adult Programs

Hapkido is a versatile martial art in which a person of any size or age can learn. The techniques do not rely on strength nor agility to be effective. Through constant practice and honing of the skills will lead to a perfection of the techniques.Read More




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